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New Year Nutrition Challenge

1/7/2019 – 2/5/2019

Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

For 30 days this winter we will attempt to reset our bodies, create healthy habits, and increase performance. From January 7th until February 5th we will partake in our annual Nutrition Challenge. This year our goal is to keep it simple, because thats what food should be! We will be following similar guidelines to the Whole 30 – using daily and weekly points to keep track of our progress. The points will be as follows:


Points will be earned on a daily or weekly basis depending on the goal – with an opportunity of 20 points a week.

1 point daily

Eat Real Food

Real food was once alive and doesn’t come from a box or container. If it has a long shelf life it is a man-made, edible, food-like substance – not food.

1 point daily

Not Too Much

Not Too Much means 3-4 meals a day, no seconds, no snacking. Portion control containers and meal prepping are great options to stay mindful of how much you are consuming.

1 point daily

Mostly Plants

Mostly Plants is just that, every meal needs to consist mostly of vegetables. A plate should be covered with vegetables then the protein and starch can be added. The large section of your plate is for vegetables but you are allowed unlimited vegetables at each meal.

1 point daily

Sleeping 6+ hours

Sleep is more important than working out. No amount of working out can undo the negative effects of a poor night’s sleep.

1 point daily

Drinking enough water

Water is important to stay hydrated, aide digestion, and help with a feeling go being full. The amount of water you consumer should be 1/2 oz for every lb that you weigh. ie: 150 lbs = 75 ox of water

5 points weekly

Working out 3 or more times

Working out is something you already do, so let’s keep at it! While we know nutrition is a key part in health and fitness – we also know the importance of a good work out. We want to see you in the box 3 or more times a week. This should be easy points!

$30 buy-in


1st- 75%  |  2nd- 25%  |  3rd- Money Back


Starts Monday January 7th
Ends Sunday February 5th


Start Thursday January 3rd
End Wednesday January 9th

Food List


The leaner the better. Grass-fed and organic are ideal. Wild-caught cold water fish are best.


We want to have nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Fruits and these starchy carbs will do that for us.


To keep it simple, if it’s a vegetable eat it. Diversify what vegetables are on your plate from meal to meal and you are all set.


A serving size of fat is the size of your thumb. There are the healthy options like avocado, grass-fed butter, olive and avocado oil, and fish oil.


“What About” Foods

These are foods that people commonly ask about. “What about this food?”

  • If it’s a vegetable eat it, if it’s meat eat it.
  • No cold cuts or cured meats
  • No almond or coconut flour
  • No canola or vegetable oil
  • No honey, agave, maple syrup or sweeteners of any kind
  • No oatmeal
  • No Rx bars, Quest bars, or any bars
  • Nut butters must have no added ingredients other than salt
  • Up to one cup of unsweetened almond milk per day
  • Up to two tablespoons of grass-fed heavy cream per day
  • Up to two pieces of gum a day
  • Clean bacon is a fat
How Do We Keep Track of Points?

After you have signed up with Coach Dana and paid the buy in you will be sent a link to a Google spreadsheet to keep track of points. For the competitors out there – points are based on the honor system. Remember – you’re only cheating yourself out of progress by adding points that weren’t truly completed.

Why Weigh In?

Yes, the winner of this challenge will be the person with the most points at the end. The goal of this challenge is more based off of creating healthy habits and being mindful of what you eat. However, one of the benefits of the challenge for many of you will be losing some weight. So we want to keep track of weight for you so you can see what changing nutrition can really do!