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Darren and Jodi Larson- May 2020 Members of the Month

So even though we’re technically closed we’re still rolling along with virtual workouts and community events. And that also means we’re still rolling with Member of the Month!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
Join us in congratulating our May Members of the Month - Darren and Jodi Larson! They came to us from another box just over a year ago and have happily found a home with us (lucky for all of us!). Both of their jobs have them traveling for work here and there, so they can be seen in classes anytime of day. However, while we've been shut down they have been a staple in the 5pm virtual class. Their enthusiasm for CrossFit and CE is obvious as they both often participate in our community events (in person and virtual). Darren even received is CF-L1 during one of our hosting weekends! 
Also - both of their birthdays are in May! So make sure to wish them both a happy birthday!
⁣⁣ Check out their video (done virtually of course) with new questions! And show them some love in the comments!⁣⁣

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