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CrossFit CE April 2019 Newsletter

What’s Up With Programming?!

We are entering a 12 week cycle that will both bring us back to our beginnings at CE – strength is the main driver- and hope to push us farther. In short, we will begin a cycle where 2 days per week we will focus on ME strength (i.e. lower and upper) and 2 days will be dynamic strength. What’s the difference? SPEED! In our dynamic day, we will focus on a quick, powerful, explosive movement on the concentric phase of the lift. The eccentric phase will smooth and deliberate but faster than we normally move.

One of the biggest mistakes, even the most seasoned lifters make when working to build their power and strength numbers on the big lifts is training heavy all the time. While maximal effort work is a powerful mechanism for developing brutal strength as we reviewed in the previous chapter, overloading max effort work is a sure fire way to quick hitting plateaus, neurological burn out and even injuries. So what’s the answer to unlocking strength and power to the top of your abilities while staying healthy and resilient in the process? Simply put, we must have a better appreciation for the true mechanism that unlocks strength and power potential, which is known as force development.

By coupling the max effort and dynamic effort methods together, we can double the total exposure to big movement patterns like the squat, deadlift and bench press per week with half of the mechanical and neurological stresses that would otherwise be associated with going heavy twice for each lift. Due to training the power and speed-strength side of the force velocity curve, we can also benefit from improving setups, techniques and form adjustments from the higher
amount of total work that can be completed with the dynamic effort method without the risk of digging into deeper holes of fatigue in the process.

Finally, the dynamic effort method is not only non-fatiguing on the neurological systems when trained correctly, but it also acts as a spark for the recovery of the central nervous system through stimulation and excitement via speed and acceleration, as opposed to maximal loading, which are the two main mechanisms of achieving a heightened level
of nervous system activities.

What this all equates to is a smarter, more systematic method to train harder, train more frequently and train more intensely while improving recoverability.

In addition to the heavy cycle, you will see more gymnastics movements, in particular teaching by our coaches, being incorporated into the programming. How will this be done? We will focus on positional strength within the movements as well as a part of a full movement multiple days within a week. For example, if we look at the kipping pull-up, a position that we frequently work on is the hollow hold – core strength, which would then move into a beat swing – improved neurological integration in the movement as well as lat strength, which then builds toward the full kipping pull-up. This may seem confusing now, but it will be come clearer as the cycle begins.

Last, I’m going to add optional Accessory work for people interested in increasing their performance and going that extra inch. This will take no more than 15 mins and should be performed post-WOD under you own supervision. A coach may be able to help you with it but I will include videos in order to help you with the movements.

As always, I’m always happy and interested to discuss why the programming is the way it is…if you can stand my long-winded, nerdy responses as I get excited about this stuff! Stay Strong!



Olympic Lifting Update 

Now that the Open is over we are truly beginning a new cycle focused on the lighter end of our 1RM and technique work. We will build into heavy as the weeks progress and be on the lookout for info on another potential In House Meet!


CrossFit Open 

The last 5 weeks of the open has been so fun and rewarding to see you all push past your limits and give it your all. We didn’t know what CF HQ was going to throw at us but whatever it was, we were ready to give it our best shot! A lot of you had firsts, PRs and realizations that you are stronger than you knew!! As a coach, this is the main reason I love the Open!

On an individual level, the Open is a great at showing us what skills we need to work on. For example, sometimes in class when TTB comes up we don’t think much about scaling to hanging knee raise. However, with the extra competition of the open it really can motivate us to want to get that next level skill! I think what is helpful to achieve a new skill, is writing out what skills you want to accomplish and also how you will accomplish it. For example, you want to get kipping pull ups. So first you need to get strict pull ups, how do you do that? Dial in your nutrition? Accessory strength work? Then once you get the strict pull up, learning the technique of the kip….. This is a great time to set goals for yourself!

Congrats to TEAM ROJAS for taking the overall win this year! – Coach Holly

BIG shout out to Angela and Tasso. They put in a lot of time and effort to capture these moments. For 19.5 they went to the 5:45am class as well as noon class to get pictures of some of the people who could not make Friday Night Lights. We really appreciate all of your effort Angela and Tasso! Thank you!!

Below is the link is for all the pictures. You can download what you would like individually.


Also check more pics out here:


Spring Party

This Saturday we held our Annual Spring Party right down the street at High Dive! We had a blast celebrating the end of the Open with you all and getting ready for warmer months. It was great to see so many of you come out and share a beverage (or two)! Keep your eyes open for more social events in the future!

Member of the Month

Our April Member of the Month is Adam Ronich! He just recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary with us and has made HUGE improvements in that amount of time! He’s a fantastic supporter of his fellow CFCE’ers – as was seen in the behind the scenes emails with THICC Mints throughout the Open and frequently in class. We’re proud to have Adam with us and enjoyed being able to sit down and chat with him for this interview!


Save the Dates

  • Saturday April 6th – Spring Party 
  • Saturday April 20th/Sunday April 21st – Closed for Easter/ CF-L2 Cert
  • Friday May 3rd – Wod and Wine
  • Friday May 10th – Wod and Whiskey
  • June 12-13 – Dmitry Klokov Olympic Lifting Seminar 


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