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CrossFit CE January 2019 Newsletter

What’s Up With Programming?!

We are continuing with our scheduled program of Open Prep. WODs will continue to be focused on movements that will be seen in previous Opens. Friday will be our day of specific skill based movements. Last, I will be adding a pull-up progression for those people in need of this ability. The goal is to be able to perform a strict pull-up by the end of the month. This progression will be extra work and not specifically programmed into the WOD.


Holiday Wrap Up

We had a lot of different events going on throughout December and the holiday season! We love being able to provide our members with opportunities inside and outside the box to work on fitness, get to know each other, and give back. Here’s what we had going on: 

  • 12 Days of Christmas WOD 
    • We ran 2 – equally as nasty – Christmas WODs this year! And despite how awful they looked in SugarWod we had awesome attendance on those days – with some packed to the brim classes in the mornings and evenings. We love that you guys don’t shy away from a challenge!
  • 12 Days of Giveaways
    • This was something new that we tried this year and it went extremely well! As a business we are always trying to reach new people and social media is a great way to do that, but we also want our current members to feel appreciated. This was a great way to do both! We had tons of items given away and even more check ins/tags! These are the people who won items (if you haven’t received yours yet come see Coach Dana!)
      • 1 Vital Proteins Collagen – Katie B
      • 2 Meliora Laundry Detergent – Sarah S
      • 3 Hyrdopeak Water Bottle – Jon A
      • 4 Victory Grips – Steve S
      • 5 Real Fit Kitchen Cookbook – Cotorey
      • 6 Beauty Counter Face Mask – Jen B
      • 7 Caffeine and Kilos Coffee – Julie J
      • 8 Shaker Bottle – Alex P
      • 9 Rogue Jump rope – Joe M
      • 10 Month of RomWod – Marcos
      • 11 Stance Socks – Cris S
      • 12 Everything! – Ramona
  • Food Drive
    • Our food drive this year supported the Greater Chicago Food Depository, but we decided to spice things up a bit this year. Each coach has their own bin and for every item of food in there they had to do 1 burpee. For some coaches, this turned out pretty okay. Others…. not so much. Our total burpee count ended up being:
      • Neil – 207
      • Dana – 100
      • Holly – 35
      • Jose – 43
      • Jonathan – 45
      • Brad – 55
    • In the end we were able to donate a total of 404 pounds of food! Nice work CrossFit CE!
  • Holiday Party 
    • Our Holiday party took place at the beginning of December and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout! It is always nice to everyone outside of the gym and not wearing workout clothes. We hope you all had a great time and enjoyed a few beverages!

Check out the end of the newsletter for even more awesome events coming up!

Olympic Lifting Update

Our Saturday morning Olympic Lifting class is still going strong with a handful of dedicated regulars who have consistently improved technique and strength. In the past 12 weeks we have cycled through variations of each lift – working on different aspects of each (ie: pull, turnover, footwork) while building in weights. We are going to add 4 more weeks to this cycle building up closer to that 1RM and putting it all together. So if you haven’t been able to join us you still have time to come on in! We’ll end this entire series with a Max Out Day on Sunday Feb 17th – where all lifters will get an opportunity to try and go for some PR’s! Perfect timing before the Open as well!


Nutrition Challenge

Our annual Nutrition Challenge is now underway! We began Monday January 7th and will be going for 30 days until Monday Feb 5th. This year our goal is to keep it simple, because thats what food should be! We will be following similar guidelines to the Whole 30 – using daily and weekly points to keep track of our progress. Members who are participating received a spreadsheet to daily keep track of the habit points. Winner this year is not who loses the most weight, because that’s not everyones goal – but who gets the most points (ie: who has been the most consistent!). Want to know more about it? Check out the blog post!

CrossFit CE Nutrition Challenge 2019

Gym Rules Reminder

Since it is the beginning of the year and we have quite a few new members joining us we thought this would be a great time to provide a friendly reminder to some of our box rules or “etiquette”. Many of you do a great job with being respectful in our shared space, but take a look for a bit of a refresh just in case! 

  • Be on Time 
    • We understand that life happens – work runs late, there’s traffic, etc. but, being on time is important. It is first and foremost a matter of safety. The first part of class is always a warmup that is meant to prepare your body for the work ahead of you and keep you injury free. Miss this and you risk hurting yourself – which is something we definitely don’t want! Second, being on time is respectful to your coaches and the members in your class. Depending how late a member arrives we may ask you to wait until the next class to make sure you get the best hour we can give you!
  • Put Equipment Away (Where it Belongs!)
    • We take pride in our space here at CE! The coaches and staff do our best to keep the space clean and the equipment working properly. We do, however, expect you to take care of and put back the equipment that you have taken out and used. Wiping down any sweaty/chalky equipment, putting them back where they belong (ie: not just putting it back in the general area), and throwing away trash are super helpful in keeping our space clean, organized, and ready to use!
  • Encourage Others (Stay for Full Class)
    • Our classes have always been an hour long and will continue to be so. Therefore, if you finish a workout (usually RFT) stay and cheer your fellow classmates on that are still working! We’ve all been in that spot where we’re one of the last ones done – it’s always nice to have people giving you that little push to keep going. Not only does it help promote community – but it’s also safer. Putting equipment away while others are still working is unsafe no matter how far or close to them you are. Please wait until everyone is done.
  • Proper Footwear 
    • This is mainly a weather thing. Again, we try to keep our space clean. So if it is raining or snowing outside please remove outdoor footwear while entering the gym so as not to track a mess into the gym. The cubbies are available to all members to store things like shoes so you don’t have to carry an extra pair around with you! Also – shoes should be worn (unless otherwise suggested by a coach) while in the gym and working out.
  • Non – Programmed Workouts
    •  While we understand and appreciate those of you that want to get in some accessory work or focus on something different for the day – the unfortunate case is we don’t always have the space for you to come in and just do your own thing. Therefore, you will only be allowed to do a non – programmed workout due to injury and physical limitations.
    • If this is the case, you must first speak to the coach that is present and currently coaching. They will tell you where the best spot for you will be to work. Please be respectful of the class space and equipment – they have first priority. This includes putting the equipment back that you used. If you are going into another class time again – check with the coach that is coaching that class.
    • After class accessory work is allowed – again as long as it has been discussed with the coach and class space/equipment is respected.

Any questions or concerns please let us know! Check out the poster below or the one that is hanging in the box by the barbells as well!

Save the Dates

  • Monday January 7th –  Nutrition Challenge starts
  • Sunday Feb 17th – Max Out Day
  • Friday Nights Feb 22, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 – Friday Night Lights/ CF Open
  • Saturday Feb 2nd – Double Under Clinic
  • Feb 6th – End of Nutrition Challenge
  • Feb 8th – WOD and Wine
  • Feb 15th – WOD and Whiskey


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