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CrossFit CE March 2019 Newsletter

What’s Up With Programming?!

Hey Peeps:

First and foremost, great job everybody with 19.1! The scores separating the teams were very close, which is indicative of how fit we are. Remember as you head into the other WODs this month, that the programming is contingent on virtuosity (i.e. intensity + accuracy of movement). Challenge yourself this month to increase your virtuosity from the other piece of the equation and increase your range of motion. Slow down just slightly and make sure you go to full depth on a squat. Take some weight off the bar and concentrate on pulling yourself under the bar. Lock your elbows in an overhead movement or snatch. Yes. This may mean that your times and weights will decrease and subsequently checking your ego. However, it will allow you to take a fuller inventory of your limitations and see what you need to work on to be a physically more efficient person.

Programming for the month of March technically started last week. With everything centered around the Games, the programming is designed for us to test our skill sets and practice these. However, our MetCons, despite Zac G’s rude comments from 2/26, will remain inventive, fun, challenging and maintain our level of cardiovascular fitness. An aside, the MetCon on Monday will be the exact same time in length as 19.whatever week it is. This will allow the athletes performing that Games WOD Monday to use the clock and energy of the class to improve their performance. Thursday’s classes will be functional fitness fully with a mixture of lifts. Washboard Wednesday will continue as before.


Olympic Lifting Update 

Max Out Day was a huge success! We had a good number of members come out Sunday Feb 17th to try and find some PR’s on their Snatch and Clean&Jerk. I was able to catch a bunch of videos of these so keep an eye on Instagram to see some of the awesome lifts!

Now that we have finished a cycle we are going to begin a new one. Expect to see lighter lifts with a good amount of technical work. Our goal here will be to breakdown the lifts into different parts and refine skills – eventually putting it all together. Any questions feel free to reach out to Coach Dana.


CrossFit Open 

We have now wrapped up week 2 of the Open and it has been awesome to see the participation by our community and the great work and support you are all putting in. Results will be out for every workout by Wednesdays and we’ll get right into the next one Thursday evening with a prep email! And the results for 19.2 are….

In 1st place for 19.2 is……… LAS ROJAS/Team Red!

From there –

2nd – Thicc Mints

3rd – Teal Housewives

4th – Mean Girls

5th – Super Juiced

Each team will receive points based on their rankings (1st = 1, 5th = 5) each week. The team with the lowest score at the end of the 5 weeks will be our winner!

Top 5 Men RX

  1. Jose
  2. Enrique
  3. Rich D
  4. Danny L
  5. Dan W

Top 5 Men Scaled

  1. Jon L
  2. Pat M
  3. Alex P
  4. Jon A
  5. Kevin O

Top 5 Women

  1. Kristin F
  2. Holly
  3. Kendra
  4. Sierra
  5. Liz

Top 5 Women Scaled

  1. Sarah
  2. Dana
  3. Ashley O
  4. Ashley B
  5. Jen J

It was awesome to see everyone get it in this workout and really push yourselves! We are super impressed so far and excited to see what the next few weeks have to offer!

Baby Bump WOD

This past Saturday March 2nd we held another Baby Bump WOD! We have 8 CFCE couples who are either currently expecting or just recently had a new addition to their families! Congratulations to the following couples!

  • Adrian and Alex Nohr
  • Megan and Bob Zwolinski
  • Luvia and Julio Puentes
  • Dominique Soresso and Justin Eaton
  • Jen and Kendra Benson
  • Jennifer and Bill Colbert
  • Cynthia and Steve Shaheen
  • Honorary – Katie and Corey Vnoucek

Member of the Month

March MOM is brought to you by Ghost Legend Pre-Workout. When you need to get a boost for your workout and don’t care about heart function, USE GHOST!

Enrique is our youngest member of the month, and clearly the Greater Rojas now with this selection. His athletic progression from the hard hitting 15 year-old, extremely polite boxer to a dedicated lifter and CrossFitter. I enjoyed sitting down with him and discussing this and his evolving interest in fitness in general.


Save the Dates

  • Friday Nights 8, 15, 22 – Friday Night Lights/ CF Open
  • Saturday April 6th – Spring Party 
  • Saturday April 20th – Park WOD TBD
  • Sunday April 21st – Closed for Easter/ CF-L2 Cert
  • June 12-13 – Dmitry Klokov Olympic Lifting Seminar 


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