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CrossFit CE November 2018 Newsletter

What’s Up With Programming?!

Congratulations on a successful SQUATOBER! In the next week, I’ll be looking at everybody’s results and examining the differences between our two programs. We will be testing our 1RMs either the 1st, 2nd, 5th or 6th. We will be using our new found leg strength and continue to develop it in a 16 week-conjugate system where we cycle between leg strength, upper body strength, a day of dynamic upper body and a day of dynamic lower body, with one day of functional strength. Our MetCons will be focused on prepping for the Open – 10 to 16 minutes in length utilizing the frequently seen movements during the Open. The goal is to have all of our athletes prepared for the Open and our next in-house competition. Once again this year we will split CFCE into two teams and compete against each other. Much more on this when we get closer in February! – Coach Neil

Fall Brawl Wrap Up

This past Saturday Oct 27th we hosted our Annual In House Throwdown – this year calling it the Fall Brawl! We had even better participation than expected with 25 teams (50 people!) participating and plenty more stopping by to support! It turned out to be an incredibly fun morning with all athletes pushing their limits on all three events – with some PR’s thrown in! In the end we had some teams rise to the top, take podium finishes, and walk away with some sweet swag. Our winners were:

  • Men’s RX Division
    • 1st place – Jose and Enrique Rojas
    • 2nd place – Rich Daniels and Tyler Palin
  • Men’s Scaled Division
    • 1st place – Alex Pratt and Kevin O’Neill
    • 2nd place – Jon Altizer and Geoff Bieger
  • Women’s RX Division
    • 1st place – Natalie Jorion and Prarthana Jain
    • 2nd place – Kendra Verhage and Julie Janssen
  • Women’s Scaled Division
    • 1st place – Jenny Denk and Gabby Fudalej
    • 2nd place – Lizbeth Torres and Jen Jauregui

We had members push themselves to go RX when they normally may not, a pregnant and post partum team, and members only months into CrossFit participate – so when the next one rolls around don’t hesitate to participate! Plus there were donuts, a cake, and a keg! What more could you want on a Saturday morning?! It truly was an amazing event to see – what an awesome community we have here at CE!

-Coach Dana

We also had to celebrate a special birthday! Happy Birthday Coach Neil!



Olympic Lifting Update

At the beginning of this summer we began our first ever Olympic Lifting class! It was a huge success that culminated in hosting our very own In House Mock Meet! These classes have been sporadic for awhile now due to a number of events being held at the gym, but they will be back consistently starting this weekend Saturday Nov 3rd at 7:30 am! Yes – we know its early, but it’s a great opportunity to have a full dedicated hour to spend getting more proficient and honing technique on the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean&Jerk). Coach Dana has written a 12 week program that will focus on different part of each movement and build from week to week. At the end of 12 weeks we will hold a Max Out Day for people to come in and crush some numbers! To see the most progress it is highly recommended to come in consistently, but anyone is welcome to come by when they can. Feel free to Coach Dana or reach out to someone who participated in the last cycle if you have questions – they all have great things to say about their progress! Workouts are posted in SugarWod on Friday evenings so you can check it out and see if its something you might need some work on. – Coach Dana


Save the Dates

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Hours
    • Thursday Nov 22nd (Thanksgiving Day) – 9am CF class ONLY
    • Friday Nov 23rd – 9 am Burn and 12pm CF ONLY
    • Saturday and Sunday – regular schedule
  • Saturday December 1st
    • Holiday Party – Location and Time TBD
  • Saturday January 12th
    • Max Out Day – more info to come


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