Don’t wish for it,
work for it


BURN offers a high-intensity workout designed to make you sweat. What you’ll get in class is a high-energy experience with extremely effective programming giving you a fat-burning, muscle-toning, peak-intensity workout that will push you past the goals you’ve set for yourself.

What to Expect

Programmed with CrossFit-style movements, we’ve taken out the Olympic-lifting so that any fitness level can join us in this hour-long class. There are no prescribed weights, so you can dial up or down the load as heavy or light as you need. We realize there are athletes who participate in sports or activities where lifting heavy weights do not translate to their needs or others who may have prior injuries that just don’t allow them to do so. We also realize there are many athletes no longer seeing results with their current bootcamp, spin or fitness class and want to try something new. We’ve created BURN keeping those ideas in mind.


No prerequisite necessary

$150 / month


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